For the best local garage and attic rubbish clearance service, please feel free to call A&B Rubbish Removals for a free no obligation quotation. We are waiting to take your call.

Don’t go hiring expensive skips when we can do the exact same but cheaper.

Usually getting the space back so you can use it to park your car in there is a normal scenario. We clear all sorts of stuff from Garages from builders waste to old car tires, furniture to appliances, you name it and we have more than likely cleared it from a garage.

 Over the last few years or so we are seeing really high need for garage and attic clearances because property space is becoming more and more valuable and with TV shows showing what you can do with garage and attic space, our customers call us in because they want to convert the garage or attic in to play rooms, offices and even extra bedrooms. 


Your garage use to be the place you kept your car to protect it. But it often becomes a dumping ground for stuff you think you'll need one day that you never end up using. So clearing a garage to get your cars house back is always good. 


 If you happy with your car on your drive or street but need to increase the size of your house, garages are a great space to convert into spare rooms or studio flats. They are usually built to match your home so from an external point of view they make nice extensions. 



A&B Rubbish Removals have a rule of thumb for items which sit in your garage or attic, and that is if you have not used it in once in the last year then the chances are you’ll not need it.

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Converting your empty attic space into a useable room can be the most cost effective way of adding significant value to your home and increasing your liveable space.

for attic clearances