We are not just cheap rubbish removals. We can provide a garden waste collection/garden clearance service in the North east. 

Whatever the size of your garden, we have a professional team who specialise in garden junk removal of unwanted materials from your gardens. We can ensure you that we dispose of the waste environmental friendly.

With years of experience A&B Rubbish Removals have been helping residential owners and large land owners in the North East clear their garden waste. A&B Rubbish Removals have been providing the services at very affordable prices. Because we know that your garden is one of the most important things when it comes to keeping your location environmental friendly and beautiful.

All the staff at A&B Rubbish Removals has been trained in every aspect of the job so you can easily get everything done from us without any hassle. So if you are looking for the best garden clearance services in the North East, give us a calll today.

we are experienced Middlesbrough rubbish removals.


The rates we charge for our services includes all labour to have the garden waste cleared and loaded into our trucks as well as the unloading, repurposing, recycling and composting where applicable. 


 We'll make sure you're satisfied with our work and we'll do our best to compact the waste in our trucks to ensure you only pay for what is necessary to remove.